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Est. 2011

Our Story

Jilbabs ‘R’ Us are a leading brand in modest fashion. It specializes in a combination of traditional Islamic Clothing presented with elements of modern fashion.

We take traditional clothing designs and offer them in a modern, elegant style in line with the demand of the changing times.

We stock Abayas for all occasions be it everyday wear, work wear, party or wedding wear we have something to suit all needs. We also stock accessories and scarves to compliment every look.

Jilbabs ‘R’ Us was started in 2010. It was a business venture which started off from home and grew from strength to strength, They moved into a Retail outlet and opened their first shop in 2011 in Walthamstow High Street,  East London.

4 years later their 2nd shop opened in the hub of Asian fashion in London, Green Street, East London at the all new East Shopping Mall.

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